Increasing Capacity and Reducing Re-Offending Rates through Facility Design, Space Utilisation, and New Technology

Given the prevalence of over-crowding in Australian prisons, and the increasing rate of recidivism, the need for strategic facility design, effective space utilisation, and innovative technology is only set to increase.

Consider these factors shaping the Australian Penal System:

  • The prison population has risen by 20% in the past decade.
  • At least 40% of released prisoners will return to corrective services.  
  • 25% of the prison population is indigenous. Ageing inmates are the fastest growing inmate demographic. 60% of male and 70% of female offenders have a history of illicit drug use.
  • The cost to care for a single inmate has risen from $139pp to $156 pp, which amounts to $2.6 billion per year being spent on detaining incarcerated Australian prisoners.

With this in mind, the 2nd Annual Prison Design & Development Summit will re-think the approach to the design and delivery of prison facilities to better meet the complex needs of differing inmate demographics. The summit will also provide strategies to increase prison efficiency through technology that can enable heightened security and greater reintegration opportunities for inmates.

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