Darian Macey

Senior Project Manager
Turner Townsend Thinc

12:10 PM CASE STUDY: Going Virtual: Lessons from the Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison Redevelopment

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has transformed the way complex facilities are designed, providing new opportunities to test and improve the end product before it is built. The Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison Redevelopment Project was the first prison in Australia to be built using a BIM approach. In this session, the prison’s Design Manager will explain the basics of BIM and demonstrate how his team used it to:

  • Identify and eliminate operational vulnerabilities by simulating real-life emergency response scenarios
  • Reduce building footprints and staff numbers by optimising the use of every space
  • Deliver safer, greener outdoor spaces through digital collaboration between landscaping and security, and
  • Ensure buildability by rehearsing the construction process in a virtual environment

2:30 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: Managing Public Private Partnerships during project construction and prison maintenance

  • The challenges and opportunities for the state corrective services to work with consortium’s and ensure contractual adherence and that stakeholder needs are met
  • Strategies that encourage early contractor involvement in order to efficiently manage a project by a consortium of organisations
  • Managing the strict access protocols that maintain security when a project is being constructed on existing prison infrastructure 

7:30 AM Strategic Stakeholder Involvement for Prison Design

This workshop will also explore its applications for effective service delivery by engaging with stakeholders such as prison guards early on in the design phase

By Attending this Workshop Participants Will:
  • Learn to approach Facility design processes strategically and with the assistance of key stakeholders
  • Understand how to use BIM to design prison infrastructure to be both safe and encourage rehabilitation
  • Understand the outcomes of using this process through practical case studies