Denise Sticklen

Nurse Unit Manager for Offender Health Services
Townsville Hospital and Health Service, Department of Health

9:50 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Meeting the Demands of High-Needs Inmates through Prison Design and Development

  • Discussing the relationship between preserving human rights and prison architecture
  • How should  safety and security be preserved without infringing on inmate rights?
  • How does traditional prison design fail to accommodate and care for high-needs inmates?
  • In what ways can the physical environment of a prison adapt to meet the needs of ageing and disabled inmates? How can prisons be designed to meet the needs of juvenile and other vulnerable offender groups, and aid in their safety and well-bring?
  • How can project managers take into account meeting the variety of stakeholder needs during the research and development phase of a prison extension, new-build or re-development?

3:50 PM CASE STUDY: Streamlining Townsville Corrective Services to Improve Access to Services for Offender Health Patients

The Townsville Offender Health Service has seen a continuing upward spiralling demand for health services at the facility. This is in line with state-wide (Qld) growth in the prison populations. There is limited availability, high demand and constant competition for supply. This has resulted in reactive approach for health teams working within the correctional settings, rather than proactive. It is time to change how we do business.
  • Overview of facility and traditional Hive service structure (space utilisation)
  • Access to services- current vs projected plan
  • Resourcing issues and options utilised