Post-Conference Interactive Workshops: Wednesday, 6th December 2017


7:30 AM - 10:00 AM Strategic Stakeholder Involvement for Prison Design

Darian Macey, Senior Project Manager, Turner Townsend Thinc
This workshop will also explore its applications for effective service delivery by engaging with stakeholders such as prison guards early on in the design phase

By Attending this Workshop Participants Will:
  • Learn to approach Facility design processes strategically and with the assistance of key stakeholders
  • Understand how to use BIM to design prison infrastructure to be both safe and encourage rehabilitation
  • Understand the outcomes of using this process through practical case studies

Darian Macey

Senior Project Manager
Turner Townsend Thinc


10:30 AM - 1:00 PM How a Prison’s Environmental Design Shapes Recidivism

Ivan Zinger, Correctional Investigator of Canada, Office of the Correctional Investigator
This workshop is ideal for candidates who want to reduce levels of inmate recidivism as prison directors, re-development project managers, or corrective Services officers. The workshop will examine prison design features and how they influence correctional outcomes.

By Attending this Workshop Participants Will:
  • Understand security and control features of the modern prison: use of force, security classification, dynamic security
  • Discuss how administrative segregation (solitary confinement) influences offender behaviour and outcomes
  • Receive case studies in mental health (self-injurious, suicidal, complex needs), deaths in custody and Indigenous corrections

Ivan Zinger

Correctional Investigator of Canada
Office of the Correctional Investigator


1:30 PM - 4:00 PM Using Technology to Manage Prison Facilities, Inmates and Staff More Effectively

This workshop will demonstrate how to increase prison efficiency through Custodial Management Systems. A successfully managed prison can maximise space, decrease operational and maintenance costs and improve offender outcomes

By Attending this Workshop Participants Will:
  • Identify the link between prison objectives and the objectives of a master plan
  • Understand how to monitor current assets and the systems required to help ensure sufficient condition monitoring, for example, through condition monitoring
  • Implementing Custodial Management Systems to align prisoner outcomes with prison resources


4:30 PM - 7:00 PM Implementing Software systems to Track and Manage Inmates During Transport

Andrew Dunkley, Operations Manager, G4S
This workshop will explore the benefits of computer systems for tracking inmates during transport. By retro-fitting transport vehicles with computer systems, custodial services will be able to better communicate between the vehicle and the destination.

By Attending this Workshop Participants Will:
  • Create vehicle barcodes that can communicate information to prison software upon arrival
  • Understand how downloading data directly into vehicles can assist with the logistics of prisoner transferral
  • Respond more urgently to transfer needs, for example send injured or unwell inmates straight to healthcare facilities without having to dock first

Andrew Dunkley

Operations Manager