Garry Brown

The Northern Pathways Consortium - Serco Justice

9:50 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Meeting the Demands of High-Needs Inmates through Prison Design and Development

  • Discussing the relationship between preserving human rights and prison architecture
  • How should  safety and security be preserved without infringing on inmate rights?
  • How does traditional prison design fail to accommodate and care for high-needs inmates?
  • In what ways can the physical environment of a prison adapt to meet the needs of ageing and disabled inmates? How can prisons be designed to meet the needs of juvenile and other vulnerable offender groups, and aid in their safety and well-bring?
  • How can project managers take into account meeting the variety of stakeholder needs during the research and development phase of a prison extension, new-build or re-development?

9:50 AM PANEL DISCUSSION: Safety and Security: Where should the line be drawn?

  • Should education and rehabilitation programs be aligned with a prison’s designated security level?
  • How can technology be used to provide both a secure environment and better opportunities for inmate reform?
  • Where the line should be drawn between safety and privacy. Should current practises be challenged?
  • Novel strategies for reducing contraband inflow, with demonstrated results

11:30 AM CASE STUDY: Ensuring a Flexible Prison Design to Cater for the Changing Needs of the New Grafton Correctional Centre

The Northern Pathways Consortium was selected to deliver the New Grafton Correctional Centre following a comprehensive tender process, selected for its focus on rehabilitation to help reduce the rate of reoffending without compromising on safety and security. This project intends to accommodate 1,000 male and 300 female maximum security inmates as well as 400 minimum security male inmates. This session will discuss:

  • How the Prison Project will create 1,100 jobs during construction and another 600 permanent jobs once opened, injecting $560 million into the local economy.
  • Ensuring a flexible prison design to enable future changes to cater for prisoners with changing needs
  • Asset management practises that will ensure sustainable facility management for the 20 year contract term

2:30 PM PANEL DISCUSSION: Managing Public Private Partnerships during project construction and prison maintenance

  • The challenges and opportunities for the state corrective services to work with consortium’s and ensure contractual adherence and that stakeholder needs are met
  • Strategies that encourage early contractor involvement in order to efficiently manage a project by a consortium of organisations
  • Managing the strict access protocols that maintain security when a project is being constructed on existing prison infrastructure