Riordan Gough

Fooks Martin Sandow Anson

3:50 PM Providing the Right Correctional Environment for Inmates of Differing Ages

Prisoners aged 50 and over make up 13% of the prison population in Victoria. Moreover, while the numbers of youth offenders has declined children sentenced to youth detention before they are 13 years old in Victoria are reoffending at a rate of 86 per cent. This session will discuss how prison environments must be designed to meet the needs of differing ages. This includes creating prison facilities for aged inmates that are safe for the frail, as well as those that can reduce the likelihood of recidivism in youths. This session will include:

  • An overview of the Ageing Prisoner and Offender Policy Framework and how Prison facilities will have to change to meet these requirements
  • Reducing the re-offending rates of juvenile inmates through strategic facility and program design
  • Technology that can aid Correctional Services manage and care for offenders of differing age demographics